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Rewarding career in 10 weeks!



We are very excited to the opportunity to train and prepare you for your new career in dog grooming.

Being in the grooming business for over 11 years and having three successful grooming salons the one common problem that continues to come up is the lack of qualified Dog Groomers. The industry is growing and is in constant need of well trained professionals and that is why The New Jersey Dog Grooming School was created.

Because of the growing pet industry, pet groomers are finding they can make a career in a number of different ways. Pet grooming school graduates have many different ways to execute their career choice. Some of those options are:

Self Employment
Mobile Pet Grooming
Private Salons Corporate Salons
Corporate Salons
Animal Hospitals

Students can expect real world training where you will learn the most important aspects to being successful. Along with your expert training you will be certified in CPR and with the AKC Safe                                                                                                                                    

Professional Seminars will also give you access to working professionals in:
Animal Training
Animal Communication
Groomer Wellness
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